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Experiencing an arrest for alleged drunk driving is a serious and life-changing event. Even if this is your first DUI allegation, the case can have long-lasting consequences for your foreseeable future.

DUI cases are criminal matters. This means that a conviction will be a permanent mark on your public record. In addition, a conviction can come with severe monetary penalties. These can take the form of direct fines, class fees, and license reinstatement costs. The team at Truslow & Truslow PA could help you understand how a DUI arrest can affect your finances and works to help you avoid these harsh penalties.

Direct Fines Associated with DUI Convictions in South Carolina

One cost that a DUI conviction may impose on a driver is the fees mandated by South Carolina’s criminal code. According to South Carolina Code § 56-5-2930, courts must levy a fine on all people convicted of DUI. This applies regardless of whether a person enters a guilty plea, or the case ends with a conviction after a trial.

The amount of this fine depends on many factors. The lesser fines apply when this is a person’s first DUI conviction, and they have a blood/alcohol content of less than .10 percent. Here, the court will force a person to pay a fine of $400.

A combination of prior DUI convictions, incidents that cause harm to other people, and having a higher blood/alcohol content will increase the potential fines. The most extreme examples are felonies where courts can issue fines of up to $25,100. This is a life-changing amount of money that the lawyers at Truslow & Truslow PA want to help drivers avoid.

Non-Criminal Fees that Often Result from a DUI Conviction

Unfortunately, the fees associated with the criminal case are not the only costs of DUIs in South Carolina. Because all DUI convictions come with a mandatory license suspension, there is a license reinstatement fee when this term comes to an end. At a minimum, this will be $100.

If a person seeks out a provisional license to keep their driving privileges as part of a plea bargain, there is also a $100 fee for this license. Additionally, a provisional license comes with the requirement that a person be enrolled in the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP). The cost of this program always falls on the driver.

Finally, a judge must order a person to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle after a second or subsequent DUI conviction. Again, the costs of this device are the driver’s responsibility. As we can see, the costs associated with a DUI conviction often rise into the thousands of dollars, even for a first DUI case.

An Attorney at Truslow & Truslow PA Could Help You Better Understand the Costs Associated with DUI Cases in South Carolina

South Carolina wants to take every step possible to discourage drunk driving. One of their methods involves making a DUI conviction a costly event. At minimum, people can expect to pay at least $500 after a conviction in direct fines and license reinstatement fees. Other cases can see the costs rise to thousands of dollars.

Let the team at Truslow & Truslow PA fight for you. They are ready to promote a potent defense that allows you to avoid a negative result in court and that protects your wallet. Contact them now to get started.