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Criminal investigations, arrests, and charges can be life-changing. These are matters for which you have little understanding or experience. They can have profound consequences on your reputation, your job or career, your family, and your future. Because of this, having someone on your side who knows the law, how the criminal justice system works, and how to get positive results is critical.

At Truslow & Truslow, you can turn to our Columbia criminal defense attorneys, who will aggressively advocate for you while representing you both in and out of court. Our team understands how to tackle criminal charges, whether they involve DUI, drug offenses, property crimes, crimes against people, or other offenses. We have focused on criminal matters since 1975 and can put our long history of representation to work for you.

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Providing Experienced Representation

Not only can criminal charges threaten you with jail or prison time, heavy fines, lengthy and restrictive probation, and other court-ordered actions, but a conviction will result in a permanent criminal record. Your record will be accessible through any routine background check. This means it will be available to present and future employers, professional licensing boards, landlords, and others. Because of this, you could be turned down for present or future life opportunities. 

Living with a tarnished reputation and a criminal record can be difficult at best. That is why you need to ensure that you have representation dedicated to protecting your rights and seeking your best interests, whether through negotiations with prosecutors or at trial in the criminal courts. Our team has decades of experience handling criminal cases in court as well as providing proactive intervention in criminal investigations and seeking dropped charges, dismissed cases, or reduced charges when negotiating with prosecutors. 

Criminal Cases We Handle

Our team handles all types of arrests and charges in municipal, state, and federal courts as well as with Magistrates, including but not limited to the following:

  • Drug crimes: drug manufacturing, drug possession, drug distribution, drug trafficking, and prescription fraud.
  • Traffic crimes: DUI, driving under suspension, reckless driving, and vehicular manslaughter.
  • Crimes against people: criminal domestic violence (CDV), assault and battery, criminal sexual conduct (CSC), kidnapping, and hazing.
  • Property crimes: arson, burglary, robbery, petit larceny, grand larceny, and shoplifting.
  • White collar crimes: bribery, extortion, embezzlement, forgery, counterfeiting, various types of fraud, identity theft, and more.
  • Miscellaneous crimes: offenses on federal property, offenses on Fort Jackson or Shaw Air Force Base, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, minor in possession of alcohol, ABC violations, and more.  

We understand what may be at stake for you and your family. That is why we devote ourselves to resolving your case in the best possible way based on your individual situation. We believe everyone deserves an effective defense regardless of the nature of the crime at stake.  Our team has handled thousands of cases for South Carolinians, whether adults, minors, or military personnel. You can rely on our advocacy, knowledge, and skills whether you are under investigation or have already been charged. 

Defenses Against Criminal Charges in South Carolina 

In South Carolina, there are various defenses available to individuals facing criminal charges. Some common defenses that can be used include:

  • Innocence: Evidence, alibis, or witness testimony may be used to argue that you did not commit the crime charged against you.
  • Self-Defense: You may be able to prove self-defense if you acted reasonably to protect yourself or others from harm.
  • Defense of Property: You may be able to argue that you acted to protect your property or the property of others. 
  • Duress: If you were forced or coerced into committing a crime under threat of harm to yourself or someone else, you might be able to raise the defense of duress. 
  • Mistaken Identity: You may be able to claim that you were wrongly identified as the perpetrator of the crime and can provide evidence that demonstrates you were not present at the scene.
  • Lack of Intent: If you can prove that you lacked the necessary intent to commit the crime, it may serve as a defense.
  • Entrapment: Entrapment transpires when police officers influence an individual to commit a crime they would not have otherwise committed on their own. 
  • Constitutional Violations: Evidence may be suppressed or excluded from a trial if law enforcement violated your constitutional rights during the investigation, arrest, or search and seizure.

The availability of these defenses may vary depending on the specific facts and circumstances surrounding the case. It’s essential to consult with a criminal defense attorney from Truslow & Truslow, who can help assess your situation and determine the most effective defense strategy.

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