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Winnsboro and the surrounding area is rich with history and tradition. Several years before the Revolutionary War, Richard Winn from Virginia moved to what is now Fairfield County. His lands included the present site of Winnsboro, and as early as 1777 the settlement was known as “Winnsborough”. The village was laid out and chartered in 1785 by three brothers, all who served in the Revolutionary War. However, the rich culture and history does not mean that life is always perfect in Winnsboro and the surrounding towns. Some of the residents or visitors to the area find themselves in legal trouble from time to time.

Truslow & Truslow is a qualified, family owned firm of criminal and DUI defense lawyers located in nearby Columbia, South Carolina with a tradition of defending people charged with serious crimes. If you were charged with a crime in Winnsboro, you are guaranteed the right to legal representation as an American citizen. When it comes to DUI crimes, hiring an attorney is essential.

At Truslow & Truslow, we know that DUI convictions can plague you for years both personally and professionally. Do NOT let this happen to you. We are very skilled in DUI defense, whether you took any tests or not, and we have a great record defending folks charged with DUI. Contact us at (803) 256-6276 to discuss your case with one of our attorneys today.

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The team at Truslow & Truslow has the experience in the local area that you need and knows exactly what it takes to win your case. When you contact us, we will determine the best method of defense for your case, which usually involves answering questions relating to your charges. Come to us to begin this process if you’ve been charged with a crime, such as:

  • DUI
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Criminal Defense
  • Personal Injury
  • General Litigation

Potential consequences of a criminal charge can be disastrous, and a conviction could potentially ruin your future. Regardless of how the charges came about, the results of a DUI conviction are likely to be the same: community service, fines, a suspended license, or worse, jail time (and none of that takes into account the impact on your family, education, or career). Do not take on the courts alone; get defenders to fight for your rights today.

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Remember, you have guaranteed representation by an attorney of your choosing, someone who can stand up for you regardless of your crime. Serious consequences are in store if you are convicted, so you need serious defense lawyers. As a knowledgeable team of DUI and criminal defense lawyers in South Carolina, we have a long history of helping the good people of the state exercise their right to a proper legal defense. Contact Truslow & Truslow by calling us today at (803) 256-6276 for your free consultation.

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