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If you are a Lexington, SC resident who has been accused of committing a crime, you will need strong legal counsel on your side. The Lexington, SC criminal defense attorneys at Truslow & Truslow are dedicated to protecting the legal rights of our community by providing strong legal services to residents accused of crimes.

You have a right to an attorney when being charged with any crime, and we can help you minimize your sentence or work to drop your charges entirely in order to protect your future and your family. If you have been arrested, even if you are innocent, exercise your right to remain silent until you have called us at (803) 256-6276 for help.

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Being charged with a crime can lead to serious uncertainty about your future. You don’t have to face these charges alone. By law, you are entitled to a court-appointed lawyer, but you certainly have a choice in who defends you. A good defense lawyer works to reduce your fear and helps teach you about the legal process and the rights you have. Your criminal defense team will help you prepare for the case ahead of you while fighting to make your defense as strong as possible. In all criminal cases, you are legally presumed innocent until you are proven guilty.

Without a team of strong criminal defense lawyers on your side, it may be very easy for a prosecuting lawyer to show that you committed a crime beyond reasonable doubt. A criminal defense lawyer with a thorough understanding of the laws revolving around the crime you have been accused of and ample experience successfully fighting cases like your own will be able to help you through your trial significantly. With a lawyer from Truslow & Truslow, you have the highest chance of succeeding in your case.

Why Choose Truslow & Truslow to Handle My Case?

Having a court-appointed attorney is better than trying to handle your case on your own, but you have little control in determining whether that lawyer is a good fit for you. You can trust the lawyers at Truslow & Truslow to work your case tirelessly, exhausting all options to make a full investigation of your accusations to provide the strongest possible defense. Many public defenders are great lawyers with the ability to faithfully fight your case, but their workload is often high, and sometimes it isn’t possible for them to spend as much time on your case as they would like. With us, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands.

The team at Truslow & Truslow values your rights and your time, so we believe in completely open communication with our clients so that they will be able to rest easy while they remain informed about the progression and likely outcome of their case. Our team never judges or presumes anything about our clients; we only care that your rights are well-defended. We know how difficult it can be if you are accused of a crime, especially for the first time, because it introduces fear and uncertainty into your life and your family’s life. With over 50 years of combined experience on our team, Truslow & Truslow has handled over 2,000 cases and maintained a 99 percent approval rating among our clients. With us on your side, you can feel more relaxed about your future.

Cases We Handle

Criminal defense is a broad field in the legal world that includes an expansive array of cases. Common charges that we have defended against at Truslow & Truslow include:

DUI Charges: DUI defense if Truslow & Truslow‘s specialty. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of these types of charges. It’s important that you have an experienced attorney since your penalties and charges can vary greatly depending on a number of factors.

Drug Crimes: Drug crimes can have serious penalties, but an experienced criminal defense lawyer can mitigate the consequences of your case. Whether it’s a felony or misdemeanor charge of drug possession crime with or without the intent to distribute, drug manufacturing, drug trafficking, or drug conspiracy charges related to any illegal drug or controlled substance, Truslow & Truslow will provide you an excellent defense.

Violent Crimes: A violent crime conviction can impact your future even past any jail time you may face, so a good lawyer is imperative if you have been accused. Violent crimes include armed robbery, arson, assault and battery, attempted murder or murder, kidnapping, stalking, and trafficking.

Property Crimes: A broad legal area, penalties for property crimes can range from 30 days in jail to a life sentence. Property crimes encompass attempted or actual damage to someone else’s property or assets and include grand larceny, petit larceny, shoplifting, counterfeiting, credit card fraud or theft, robbery, and passing fraudulent checks.

Sex Crimes: With immediate and life-long impacts, sex crimes are very serious charges. These crimes include criminal sexual conduct, criminal sexual conduct for a minor, assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct, indecent exposure, prostitution, and child pornography possession or distribution. Because being convicted of a sex crime will result in you being added to the sex offender registry, it is imperative that you have the best defense on your side for these charges.

White Collar Crimes: White collar crimes can permanently damage your career and your future, so a strong legal defense is necessary for you to maintain your reputation and avoid jail time. White collar crimes can include tax fraud or invasion, bank fraud, wire fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, trade secret theft, counterfeiting, securities and bankrupting fraud.

These and other crimes can result in fines, jail time, restitution, community service, and a permanent damage to your reputation, which can further impact your ability to get professional licenses, hold jobs, and find housing. To avoid these consequences, you need to mount a strong defense.

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If you have been accused of a crime, you should exercise your legal right to an attorney the smart way: with Truslow & Truslow. With 50 years of combined experience and a 99 percent client approval rating, you can trust us to work diligently on your case, exhausting all our efforts and knowledge while protecting and defending your rights. When you are accused of a serious crime with the possibility of imprisonment, you are likely — and rightly — nervous about what your future holds. Our team at Truslow & Truslow is dedicated to minimizing your fear by keeping you informed about the legal process and all the possibilities ahead while maximizing your chances of a favorable outcome in your case. To learn more about your legal rights after your accusation and find out how Truslow & Truslow can help you, contact us at (803) 256-6276 today for a free consultation.

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