Beware of Attorneys Who See Tragedy As Opportunity

After the preventable train collision of Amtrak 91 near Columbia yesterday, many victims and their families are facing undue suffering. Those touched by this tragedy may see long-term trauma, grief, and a host of other difficult issues to shoulder. During the aftermath of this accident, it is important to beware of those who would try to take advantage of these events.

The South Carolina Association for Justice (SCAJ) is our state’s leading association of plaintiff attorneys. It wants those affected by the collision to know:

  • Practicing lawyers in South Carolina are prohibited from directly soliciting clients with whom they have no prior relationship, or within 30 days of a disaster such as this one. If someone tries to solicit you as a client, especially within the next 30 days, be cautious and consider reporting it immediately to the appropriate authorities.
  • If you have any legal questions or need to retain a lawyer for loss of work, injury, or other accident-related issues, make sure you are dealing with someone who is duly licensed to practice law in South Carolina.
  • If you want to know if someone is a member of the SCAJ, or would like the contact information for assistance in verifying a lawyer’s standing with the South Carolina Bar, call the SCAJ office at (803) 799-5097.

These rules are in place to protect grieving individuals from being tricked into accepting representation from lawyers who may not have their best interests at heart. We urge you to be wary of any lawyer who comes directly to you after a tragic event such as yesterday’s train accident.