New Laws for Golf Cart Drivers to Be Aware of This Summer

Summer is upon us and with the nicer weather many folks choose to drive golf carts. But did you know that new laws were enacted in November of 2018 for people who own golf carts in the state of South Carolina? Importantly, many of the same laws which apply to motor vehicles will now be enforced for moped and golf cart owners, including DUI laws/

Under these new laws, a golf cart now has to have a permit and decal issued by the State of South Carolina, and registration issued from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Registration requires the golf cart owner to show proof of ownership and liability insurance for the golf cart (and to pay a $5.00 fee). The permits are good for five years, but must be re-issued if the permit holder changes his or her address.

It is important to note that, while operating a golf cart, the driver must have in his or her possession:

  1. The registration certificate;
  2. Proof of liability insurance for the golf cart; and
  3. A valid driver’s license.

Also, the person operating a permitted golf cart must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

Other rules for golf carts include:

  • It can only be operated during day light hours.
  • It may be driven only within four miles of the address on the registration certificate
  • It may be driven only on a secondary highway or street where the speed limit is 35 MPH or less.
  • It cannot be driven on a bike path.

Additionally, the new laws have prescribed penalties golf cart owners who drive them without registration and have also redefined the terms for moped/motor vehicle.

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