The Impact of a DUI Conviction on Your Life

A conviction for DUI can seriously impact your lifestyle. Not only will a DUI conviction appear in a criminal background check, but also it can result in jail time. Additionally, even a DUI charge can result in loss of your license to drive, regardless of whether you’ve been convicted. You only have to be suspected of DUI for a law enforcement and/or the DMV to suspend your driving privileges. For example: if you are pulled over and arrested under a suspicion of DUI and refuse to take the DataMaster (breath test), or you take a breath test and Your reading is determined to be higher than 0.15, law enforcement is permitted to seize your license. The effects of a DUI conviction are even further reaching and can follow you for the rest of your life.

If your license is taken for failure to take the breath test, or for blowing a 0.15 or higher, you have some options that can get you back on the road almost immediately. You may be eligible to receive a temporary alcohol license that allows you to drive pending your court date. After your license is taken, you must:

  1. Request an Administrative Hearing from the Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings (which requires submission of your Notice of Suspension and a filing fee);
  2. Pay a reinstatement fee at the DMV; and
  3. Provide the DMV with proof that you have properly requested an Administrative Hearing with the Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings.

A second option is to seek a Route Restricted License. A Route Restricted License may be available and, as the name suggests, will permit you to drive on certain restricted routes (for example: to and from work; to and from school).

Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding your DUI charge, you may not qualify for either type of license. Time is of the essence, as you only have 30 days to request the Administrative Hearing and the process may take some time. It is important that you retain an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible so that you can understand your rights and all options available to you. The Columbia DWI lawyers of Truslow & Truslow understand the impact that a DUI conviction can have on your life, and we will do everything in our power to help get the charges against you reduced or dropped. Contact us at (803) 256-6276 to schedule a confidential consultation today.

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